INIKEA Resources and Wildlife Survey 2023

A two weeks of resources and wildlife surveys was conducted from 07th August until 20th August 2023 by Yayasan Sabah at INIKEA. It’s aimed to documented all resources found in INIKEA area which includes the biodiversity, tourism resources and threats signs from human encroachment and other illegal activities. All data gathered will be use by Yayasan Sabah to formulate the management plan for INIKEA in near future.

Photo 1: SET teams (From left: Azmeel, Dean, Dr. Rahim, Mahani)

Sabah Environmental Trust (SET) have sent four peoples to joined the survey and was successfully recorded interesting findings on their respective camps (Camps 3 and 7). Total of 14 cameras was lend to Yayasan Sabah during the survey, and SET also assists in camera trap setting exercise during the briefing session on the second day of the survey.

Photo 2: Dean (SET) brief on camera trap setting to other participants

During survey, data collection activities includes; camera trapping, mist-netting and wildlife survey was conducted. 

Photo 3: Camera trap installation activity by Mahani (SET) and Elbatius (WWF)

The findings from the survey is shared with the Sabah Foundation for compilation and used for data update, management planning and monitoring for the area.